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"Meeting with Paul to discuss the design for my engagement ring was a wonderful experience. When Steve and I left him that day I already knew that this ring would be beautiful, but I could never envision just how beautiful. It is breathtaking! The intricate details are exquisite, far beyond what I had hoped and imagined. I love my ring and shall cherish wearing it every day of my life. Thanks Paul, from the bottom of our hearts."
- Stephen and Nicole
The center stone is one I purchased in Brazil and allowed Paul to make from my own drawing. This piece, as you can see, came out nicer than I had hoped for and will definitely become an heirloom for my family.
- Roxanne Michaelson
As a client of Firefall Jewelers, and their webmaster, I was amazed at the intricacies of this piece. I urge you to click on the image above to view a larger rendering of this piece so you can enjoy it's beauty
- Primo A. Giusti